The Chair in Energy Sector Management at HEC Montréal carried out in collaboration with CPCS a techno-economic assessment of net zero technologies on the highway corridor between Québec City and Windsor. The 1,300 km corridor is Canada’s busiest for long-haul trucking. The Class 8 truck technologies considered include (1) battery electric, (2) catenary electric (with dynamic charging), (3) hydrogen fuel cells and (4) compressed renewable natural gas (C-RNG).

As part of the two-year research project, close to 60 experts from industry, government and university were consulted in April 2023 to validate the modelling approach and key techno-economic parameters considered in the study. The study comprises of two reports: Part 1 summarizes key findings from the workshop, while Part 2 presents the results of the techno-economic assessment of the net zero technologies. The study was made possible thanks to financial support from the Government of Québec.

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