Post-Doctoral Fellowship on Computational Energy & Environment Analysis

Location: Montréal, Canada

A post-doctoral fellowship is offered in the field of computational energy & environment modeling, specifically the numerical solution and analysis of large stochastic optimization problems. The initial position is for one year, and is funded by an IVADO research grant. The fellow will work in collaboration with professors Michel Denault and Pierre-Olivier Pineau, from HEC Montréal.

The candidate is expected to hold a Ph.D. in computer science, applied math, operations research, computational economics, engineering or a closely-related field. Important criteria include:

  • – a proven capacity to carry independent research;
  • – the ability to develop and implement optimization methods, especially for stochastic problems and MDP’s (dynamic programming, rein­for­­cement learning);
  • – superior coding abilities;
  • – excellent verbal and written communication skills in English or French.

Experience with energy & environment models is also a clear asset.

Topic  Energy & Environment models (EEM), with detailed power production, inter-regional energy transmission, greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions accounting, are used to improve the planification of investments in energy assets. To achieve goals such as least-cost, carbon-neutral economies, dynamic EEM accounting for uncertainty and recourses provide valuable insights, but are also a challenge to solve numerically.

The fellow will improve an in-house EEM1 that covers the power sector of five regions of the American Northeast, both in Canada and the U.S.A. Several research directions are considered and will be discussed with the applicant.

Conditions:  The fellow is expected to live and work in Montreal (office space will be provided on the University of Montréal campus) and should be available shortly. The fellowship value is 60 000 C$ annually, before taxes and deduc­tions.

Application: Send your details (CV including contact information for at least two references; up to two research papers; graduate grade reports) to the investigators with the following link (i.e.;

The position will remain open until filled.

[1] See for example Rodriguez-Sarasty, J. A., Debia, S., Pineau, P.-O., 2021. « Deep decarbonization in NortheasternNorth America: The value of electricitymarket integration and hydropower », Energy Policy, vol 152, May 2021,