Rapport d’étude de la Chaire de gestion du secteur de l’énergie – HEC Montréal

Numéro 02 | 2022

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In contrast to many other commodities, the price of electricity can occasionally be negative. Wholesale electricity prices in competitive markets are determined by the price at which electricity is supplied to the market and the amount of electric demand. However, negative prices arise because supply cannot always be adjusted to meet demand a few hours in advance, particularly given the difficulty of storing electricity on a large scale. We look at negative hourly prices in North America in this research note. According to our preliminary analysis, the frequency of negative prices typically tends to decrease over the course of the year, and is higher in the spring, on Sundays, and in the early morning. However, the negative price phenomenon must be thoroughly investigated. The purpose of this note is to provide insight into potential future research.

RAFIZADEH, N., 2022. Negative Electricity Prices in North America, Rapports d’étude de la Chaire de gestion du secteur de l’énergie, HEC Montréal, numéro 2-2022, mai 2022.

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