Freight transport modal shifts in a TIMES energy model: Impacts of endogenous and exogenous modeling choice

The freight transportation sector accounted for 10.1% of global emissions and 16.2% of Quebec’s greenhouse gas emissions in 2018. In this sector, the most salient yet little explored behavioral change opportunity is the modal shift from heavy trucks to trains. Current model developments are being made so that E4 modelers represent modal choices as [...]

2022-08-01T13:54:23-04:001 août 2022|

Decarbonization of long-haul trucking in Eastern Canada: Simulation of the e-Highway technology

Connecting long haul trucks to overhead electrical wires (a catenary) on highways (e-highways) is being tested as an energy-efficient options for decarbonizing road freight, with Germany and Sweden taking the lead. The initial infrastructure investment is often seen as a limit to large-scale deployment. But when compared with other zero-emission options, the catenary technology [...]

2021-06-16T13:04:26-04:0020 mai 2021|
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