Decarbonization of long-haul trucking in Eastern Canada: Simulation of the e-Highway technology

Connecting long haul trucks to overhead electrical wires (a catenary) on highways (e-highways) is being tested as an energy-efficient options for decarbonizing road freight, with Germany and Sweden taking the lead. The initial infrastructure investment is often seen as a limit to large-scale deployment. But when compared with other zero-emission options, the catenary technology [...]

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Ottawa Citizen | The next step for Ontario’s energy mix

Mark Windfield and Pierre-Olivier Pineau23 June 2014 |  The central issue facing Ontario’s electricity system is whether to attempt to refurbish the Bruce and Darlington nuclear power plants. The track record of previous nuclear repair efforts has been one of delays, massive cost-overruns and even project failures. The situation has prompted many to ask whether [...]

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