The German approach to the energy transition is however very distinct from the Canadian one. Germany develops its energy transition around a clear “energy concept” based on energy efficiency, renewable energy and electricity. The strong central leadership of the German government comes from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), with little [...]

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Marché concurrentiel de l’électricité au détail aux États-Unis : Participants, fonctionnement et encadrement

Rapport d’étude de la Chaire de gestion du secteur de l’énergie – HEC Montréal Numéro 01 | 2022 Téléchargez > Résumé Aux États-Unis, la réforme des marchés de l’électricité a multiplié le nombre de participants aux marchés de gros et de détail. Cette réalité commerciale force une réflexion constante sur l’encadrement législatif et réglementaire [...]

2022-03-29T10:49:44-04:0028 mars 2022|

State of Energy in Northeastern North America

The Northeastern North American region covers seven states in the United States and six provinces in Canada. Their energy markets are already integrated and could be even more so in the future. However, a very limited understanding of the energy realities of this region constrains the scope of solutions that can be envisioned, and [...]

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Getting on an Efficient Decarbonization Track – An Economic Study of a Regional Approach to Electricity Markets in Northeastern North America

This report’s objective is to quantify the economic benefits of creating better intertie capacity between electricity markets in northeastern North America. The benefits of better interconnecting northeastern electricity markets are significant in nature, but not widely acknowledged. Many decarbonization studies ignore integration, which is problematic when game-changing hydropower reservoirs could be used to help [...]

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Deep decarbonization in Northeastern North America: The value of electricity market integration and hydropower

In several countries, electricity systems are under strong decarbonization pressure. In particular, the Canadian provinces of Quebec and Ontario as well as the states of the northeastern United States have committed to cut their greenhouse emissions by more than 70% (with respect to emission levels of 1990). Increased collaboration and integration between jurisdictions could [...]

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Accelerating Benders decomposition for short-term hydropower maintenance scheduling

Published in the European Journal of Operational Research Download article » Summary: Maintenance of power generators is essential for reliable and efficient electricity production. Because generators under maintenance are typically inactive, optimal planning of maintenance activities must consider the impact of maintenance outages on the system operation. However, in hydropower systems finding a minimum [...]

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Deep decarbonization in Northeastern North America: The value of electricity market integration and hydropower

Dans plusieurs pays, les systèmes électriques sont soumis à une forte pression de décarbonisation. En particulier, les provinces canadiennes du Québec et de l'Ontario ainsi que les États du nord-est des États-Unis se sont engagés à réduire leurs émissions de gaz à effet de serre de plus de 70 % (par rapport aux niveaux [...]

2021-10-21T14:54:57-04:0014 septembre 2020|

Northeast USA-Canada Decarbonization: Opportunities and Challenges of Regional Electricity Sector Intergration for High Renewable Penetration

Deeper regional integration in the electricity sector across the North American Northeast can bring substantial benefits in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through the deployment of renewable energy. In this region, as elsewhere in the world, GHG emission reduction targets imply the dual challenge of electrifying many energy needs and decarbonizing electricity production. Findings [...]

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PROGRAMME | 42nd IAEE Annual Conference

HEC Montréal is proud to have hosted the 42nd International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE) Annual Conference in Montréal, Canada, between May 29 to June 1, 2019. The IAEE International Conference is a four-day conference on energy business, markets and policy. Over 500 international participants are to attend from all over the world. [...]

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