Is Canada’s Energy Abundance a Problem for its Energy Transition?

A view on How to Reform Energy Policies to Integrate Technological Progress and Promote Sustainable Behaviors

When: Monday, July 31st, 2017 2:30 ‐ 3:30 pm
Where: Engineering/Computer Science Building (ECS), Room 124
Presenter: Dr. Pierre-Olivier Pineau, Chair in Energy Sector Management , HEC Montréal​
Watch the talk here
Abstract: ​Canada is among the world’s largest energy producers and the leading OECD country in energy consumption per capita. Energy abundance, both from renewable and non-renewable sources, has mostly been a blessing for Canada, even if this nature’s gift is not evenly shared among provinces. It also led to relatively low energy prices, contributing to the high energy consumption, and consequently high greenhouse gas emissions (GHGe). A successful fight against climate change will require an energy transition. While technological innovation will certainly help making such transition, energy policies promoting more sustainable behaviors should not be overlooked. This talk discusses the Canadian energy situation and the obstacles our current consumption patterns create to reduce our GHGe. It is argued that a greater focus should be placed on behavior, rather than mostly on technology, to achieve our GHGe reduction targets.