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Guest Speakers:

  • Jessica Loft, Research Lead – Hydrogen Economy, University of Calgary, Canada [PPT]
  • Moritz Mottschall, Senior Researcher, Resources & Transport, Oeko-Institut, Germany [PPT]

When: Thursday, August 18; 10:30 to 11:30am (Montreal Time)
Where: GoTo Webinar

Summary : Freight transport is one of the most difficult sectors to decarbonise due to its significant growth in the last 20 years and dependence on fossil fuels. Getting zero emission trucks on the road poses challenges in large part due to large infrastructure changes and cost implications. This webinar will present results of two case studies that have compared the costs and benefits of different technologies for decarbonising freight on a life cycle basis – one for Alberta, with a particular interest for hydrogen technologies, and the other for Germany, looking at overhead electric catenary for road freight as an option.

Biographies of speakers:
Jessica Lof is a Research Lead – Hydrogen and Transportation for the Canadian Energy Systems Analysis Research initiative at the University of Calgary. Her research work explores credible and compelling low carbon pathways for Canada’s transportation systems and has contributed to the launch of the Alberta Zero Emissions Truck Electrification Collaboration project which includes the design, build, and road testing of two hydrogen fuel cell electric class 8 trucks. Jessica joined CESAR with more than a decade of business experience in the railway and trucking sectors, has a Master of Science degree in Sustainable Energy Development, a Bachelor of Commerce Finance degree, and a professional designation with the Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation.

Moritz Mottschall has a degree in environmental engineering. Since April 2009 he has been working at Oeko-Institut as a researcher with a special focus on sustainable mobility. In this context, he was involved in a series of long-term scenario analyses on energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions reduction in the transport sector. His focus is on technical options for energy efficiency and alternative drive concepts for heavy duty vehicles including the ERS with a special focus on overhead trucks.