Over the past 20 years, HEC Montréal has built a solid reputation in the energy sector. HEC Montréal offers students the opportunity to specialize in energy sector management and sustainable development through various graduate level programs. Since 1986, several professional training programs in energy sector management are offered to managers and executives. Tailored energy programs are also offered abroad.

Graduate Programs

» *NEW* Microprogram in Energy Sector Management (15 credits)

» MBA Program Energy Sector Structure and Operations (course)

» Specialized International Graduate Diploma (D.E.S.S. in Management of the Energy Sector)

Executive Education

» *NEW* Seminar – Strategic Management in the Energy Sector (2 days)


For further information on our courses and training, please contact:

Pierre-Olivier Pineau
Email: pierre-olivier.pineau@hec.ca
Telephone : +1 514 340-6922
Secretariat : +1 514 340-6472